Ivalua chosen by La Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers et des Professionnels de la Santé et du Social to optimize procurement management processes

With a view to optimizing the management of its Procurement processes and in an effort to achieve its goals, La Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers (MNH) has decided to roll-out Ivalua’s e-Buyer solution and more specifically the e-Procurement, Contract and Invoice Management, Supplier Repository and Purchasing Dashboard modules.

La Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers, France’s leading mutual insurance firm for the health and social sectors, was not only keen to improve its procurement visibility but also to gain much tighter control of all its expenditure. Ivalua Buyer will thus be used and shared by every division and every department right across the firm.

“It was absolutely vital we rolled-out an e-Procurement tool, thanks to which we have now been able to automate certain tasks that are inherent to our Purchasing processes, not to mention boosting our production and productivity. The Ivalua solution helps us better monitor our budget, optimize the way in which purchase orders and orders are processed, honour negotiated contracts and ensure purchasing procedures are correctly followed.” explains Yvan Perraud, Purchasing Manager at MNH.

Within the framework of its project, MNH has introduced all the modules needed to cover the entire e-Procurement process. Users now key all their purchase orders into the Ivalua solution, irrespective of their value. Punch-out catalogues allow them to fill their shopping basket more quickly and easily than before. Furthermore, Ivalua’s e-Buyer solution is extremely easy to configure, allowing MNH to configure approval workflows in-line with its specific organisational needs. When an invoice is received, the Finance Division compares the invoice to the order and then issues the payment. Data included on the invoice is automatically transferred to MNH’s accounting tool, which is interfaced with the Ivalua solution. Finally, all the information is recorded in the tool, providing the Division with an overview of its activity and allowing dashboards to be compiled.

“Above and beyond Ivalua Buyer’s advanced features, we are also impressed by its modularity, its user-friendliness and how easy it is to use.” Yvan Perraud continues.

“We are particularly delighted to see MNH join our clients from the Banking/Insurance sector. We are aware of the scale and importance of their Purchasing Information System roll-out, and would like to take this opportunity to thank MNH for trusting Ivalua to help them achieve their goal.” concludes Gérard Dahan, General Manager EMEA for Ivalua.

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