GrDF relies on Ivalua Buyer to overhaul its Purchasing IS

Mountain View, CA – March 9, 2011 – Following a pan-European call for tender, Ivalua Buyer has been chosen by GrDF to pilot a complete overhaul of its Purchasing Information System.

I-BUY, an application installed to manage the Business Procurement process, was entirely designed by Ivalua’s development team in close collaboration with GrDF’s Purchasing IS department. Their common goal was to provide users with an intuitive and ergonomic application that can be mastered quickly and easily.

A subsidiary of GDF Suez, GrDF plays a strategic role in the energy market. As the primary natural gas distributor in France, GrDF has a privileged relationship with natural gas industry businesses, partners and local authorities.

The I-Buy platform serves 650 suppliers of installation operations, services and materials for GrDF. Its main objective is to create an integrated IS that meets all of the Procurement & Purchasing Division’s needs. It allows suppliers to optimize data processing, analysis and information retrieval time. “What won us over with Ivalua Buyer was its simplicity, its autonomy and the flexibility the application offers,” asserts Hugues Martz, Director of the Purchasing Expertise & Performance Department for GrDF’s Procurement & Purchasing Division Network Office.

This new e-consulting platform is accessible for GrDF’s partners via a portal and is designed primarily for materials manufacturers, technical service providers and public works companies.

The aim of this new call for tender procedure is to make the Business Procurement procedure more fluid, especially for businesses. GrDF’s innovation is considered a key to long-term success, and makes future performance and development improvements possible. I-BUY is evidence of this commitment. Further, the application is part of GrDF’s “global quality” initiative.

“Ivalua is very proud to have been involved in this important project for GrDF. It enabled us to implement a high-quality and user-friendly e-sourcing application that meets the expectations of GrDF’s development staff, as well as the needs of both users and the company’s suppliers,” concludes Gérard Dahan, Director of Communication and Marketing at Ivalua.

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