Euromedic streamlines purchasing with Ivalua Buyer

Redwood City, CA – March 5, 2012 – Euromedic International, a company specialized in arranging and conducting modern medical centers for diagnostics, radiotherapy and invasive cardiac surgery, decided to implement Ivalua Buyer – a best-in-class Spend Management system. When choosing a system for spend optimization and management, the company compared complexity, high flexibility and functionality of available solutions. Euromedic found Ivalua Buyer to be the best solution amongst all the market offerings.

Euromedic is the first company in Poland to implement Ivalua Buyer which is offered through Ivalua’s partner Optibuy. Euromedic International implemented the following tools within the Ivalua Buyer suite: e-Procurement, Purchasing Intelligence, Contract Management and Repositories.

IVALUA Buyer – comprehensive purchasing and spend management

Ivalua Buyer is a specialized tool that supports companies in optimizing procurement processes. This easy to install, configure and use IT system is designed to manage what is spent, bought and delivered. Ivalua Buyer provides quick access to information, enables collaboration and contact with suppliers and allows real-time reporting. The added value for the user of the system is an optimization of the company’s overall purchasing process.

“Implementation of an innovative system like Ivalua Buyer streamlines not only spend management, but it also helps to improve profitability, reduces purchasing costs, increases capital liquidity and allows the purchasing organization to respond to changes in the market with greater flexibility.” explains Project Manager, Mateusz Borowiecki, Partner at OptiBuy.

Ivalua Buyer is composed of modules that provide a flexible range of tools, consistent with customer needs. It can be integrated with other systems or act as independent application. The tool developed by Ivalua, is handled entirely through a web browser.

Purchasing and spend management in Euromedic International

Ivalua Buyer’s e-Procurement module is used to manage products catalogs ordered by all employees; for validation process of purchase requisitions reported by each organizational unit; input of goods receipts and invoices together with multilevel control (acceptance or rejection) of deviation between quantity of products ordered/delivered and amount delivered/invoiced.The Purchasing Intelligence is used for detailed analysis and control of the company’s overall spending. Contract Management saves time and improves collaboration and communication between Euromedic and suppliers. The Data Repository module facilitates collection and categorization of data within the Contracts and Catalogues.

Optibuy for Euromedic International

Implementation of Ivalua Buyer system was completed at the end of 2011. It included outlining the functional specifications, adjustment and configuration to meet the requirements, launching a test environment, user training and finally launching production environment supporting real data transactions.

“Adoption of Ivalua Buyer in management processes gives us the ability to gain full control over purchasing activity of the dispersed Euromedic organizational structure.” continues Mateusz Borowiecki. “Ivalua Buyer has unified product structure that before was managed by each of 150 entities alone. Built-in approval processes, along with a wide range of alerts, makes the purchasing process run smoothly and reduces user errors” adds Jacek Zak, IT Director for Europe in Euromedic Group.

Ivalua Buyer simplified product selection process by limiting user access to their organizational perimeters. Contracts module enabled creation of a link between products, prices, suppliers and delivery addresses. Through the online exchange of XML files Ivalua Buyer has been integrated with the ERP system that manage warehouses. “Ivalua Buyer proved to be user-friendly tool, allowing the administrator to fully control the system.” recommends Jacek Zak.

Ivalua Buyer supports 28 Euromedic International business units in Poland. Currently there are ongoing additional adjustments and developments of the application specially designed for Euromedic. More Euromedic business units will operate in all countries where Euromedic International conducts its business and IVALUA Buyer will support the native language in each area.

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